Arin & Marcello – Elopement – Hyatt Regency Newport Beach Hotel, Newport Beach, CA.

Arin & Marcello – Elopement – Hyatt Regency Newport Beach Hotel, Newport Beach, CA.

In December, Arin & Marcello eloped from Foggia, Italy, to Southern California, for an intimate wedding at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach Hotel.

I met Arin and Marcello in 2003, when I lived in Italy.  Arin and I became best girlfriends right away. I met Marcello the same year, when he was taking private English lessons from my ex-husband. How surprised was I, when I found out that they started dating a couple of years later. Fast forward ten years, and they finally decided to get married.

Arin and Marcello visited Southern California a couple of years ago and loved it. Naturally, once they decided to elope, they chose to return to our beautiful state for their wedding. I was thrilled to be able to capture the wedding day of people that I love so much.

They were amazed that they could be married outside in the month of December, while their friends and family back home were freezing! Kate Eaton, from the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach, was wonderful! She  gave them the VIP treatment, and even helped Arin get laced up in her dress.

Dear friends of the couple served as the officiant and the witness, making this an intimate and meaningful ceremony. Marcello is a professional violinist, and what a treat is was to hear him play as the bride walked down the aisle. We were all beaming at the site of Arin walking towards her groom. as he serenaded her. They read their personal vows to each other in both English and Italian, which elicited both tears and laughter from Arin as Marcello struggled a bit with the language.

After the ceremony, this close knit group laughed, toasted, ate cake and danced in the  lovely library adjacent to the bar. Arin and Marcello had the perfect wedding day at the perfect venue. The night was topped off with a lovely, romantic dinner at Fig and Olive restaurant at Fashion Island, in Newport Beach. What a beautiful day!

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